Six Days In Lisbon: Day 6

The end of our trip was here. Our last full day in Lisbon before jetting back to Gatwick tomorrow morning. We had done everything we wanted to, and so our last day was an attempt to rid of all our Euros that remained. We got up at our own leisure and ventured out, stopping for our final pastries at the little cafe round the corner from our hostel. I opted for a freshly squeezed orange juice, after finally being sick of pastries, I commend the Portuguese for their commitment to pastries, I couldn’t hack it for a week. We were heading to Colombo Centre, for a day of shopping and eating pizza.

The shopping centre is easy to access, for as you leave the metro station the entrance is just in front of you, which meant we did not have to rely on Google Maps today. We spent the entire day there, buying mugs from the Disney store, clothes and sunglasses from Zara – the best store out there, in my opinion – and I took to aimlessly wondering around Sephora, as Moos sat outside. The seating area filled with people waiting for their shopping partners.

Lunch came around, and to settle who could eat more pizza in one sitting, we headed to Pizza Hut, to indulge in their buffet. Unlike in England, the buffet in Lisbon works slightly differently. The waiters bring the pizza to you, and depending on what you want you can either accept or decline. That wasn’t an option for us, we were going to have to take whatever came in order to eat as much as we could, for one of us to be declared a champion. We started off with Moos being 1 slice ahead, and I had some catching up to do, eventually I was one ahead, and it all getting to much for Moos, he took a break. My opportunity to push ahead, his 2 breaks allowed for me to get 2 slices ahead. We stood at 7 and 10, to me. I was done, and yet Moos was adamant he could get ahead, I forced another slice and Moos made it to 8. We were done. Mr ‘I can eat more pizza than you’ was no more, and I started to doubt if I could walk out of the restaurant without throwing up from over eating.

We paid the bill, and somehow I managed to waddle out of the restaurant. We carried on shopping and eventually it was time to leave, with just enough money left for food at the airport and our metro fare back to the airport. Our trip to Lisbon was complete, with one last sleep before we headed back tot he airport early tomorrow morning. It had been so much fun, and although I can’t say I’d go back to Lisbon, it would only be because I tend not to visit the same place more than one, especially not in Europe. However, if I was to make a recommendation for anyone looking for a city break in Europe, especially on a budget, Lisbon is the ideal destination. Although, more importantly, Sintra is a must!

~ Lydia x



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