My Solo Adventure

We all look forward to summer in England because we all work so hard all year, and summer means finally getting time off work, or school, and taking a vacation. Whether it be within the UK, or abroad. I am lucky enough to be able to travel abroad this year, and deciding against the family holiday to Sicily, I was confronted with a destination of my choice and solo travel, or reluctantly visiting family in Sicily. The thought of travelling alone at 18 is scary, I still haven’t overcome the fears that surround the idea of solo travel. In a moment of sudden bravery I managed to overcome my fears for 5 minutes, which I seized and found myself with a ‘confirmation’ page in front of me, congratulating me on my purchase of flights and a hostel for a week in August.

It was done. Now I had to go, even if fear paralysed me. I began composing a travel document, full of things I wish to do and visit, just as I had done for Lisbon, although this one much busier, since there were plenty of things I want to visit in Athens. To date, I have 2 beach trips, and am planning a third, and all the ruins in Athens, as well as a few museums being a ‘must’. As much as I am fearful, I am equally excited. A trip where I can spend my days as I wish, where responsibility becomes heightened, and I can finally realise what people mean by ‘finding themselves’, or rather hopefully I will find someone else, as my biggest fear is that it will be lonely. Athens is a beautiful city, and plays up to my love of Greek mythology.

With a few weeks left until I jet off, I am fuelling my excitement by purchasing clothes and shoes for my trip (essentials I assure you). With so much Athens has to offer, I surely won’t have a dull moment, and more importantly, I can get away from the miserable British summer, as it seems our good weather was short lived. The weather, the gorgeous food, and the sights await me.


~ Lydia x


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